Friday, 20 September 2013

denotation and connotation

Iron Maiden
Denotation - A piece of graffiti with flames at the bottom
Connotation -

Bruce Springsteen
Denotation -  A man in blue jeans and a white top, with a red and white background.
Connotation - At the top it says "born in the USA" so he is probably an American man.

The strokes
Denotation - A woman with white skin who has a black glove and putting her hand on her knee.
Connotation -

Denotation - Four men in a dark room.
Connotation -

Joy division
Denotation - A black background with white lines.
Connotation -

Pink Floyd
Denotation - People shaking hand in a street.
Connotation - Friendship.

The Who
Denotation - Four people in the middle of no where next to a massive concrete block.
Connotation - desert, wasteland.

Denotation - Pink writing on a pink background.
Connotation -

Denotation - There are six people standing there with a black and white background.
Connotation -

Miles Davis
Denotation - A black man standing in a dark room.
Connotation -

Friday, 6 September 2013

waterloo road

1)This is a birds eye view of desks arranged to say waterloo road.

2)The producers are trying to appeal to lots of people with a range of different characters.

3)waterloo road is broadcasted at 8:00pm on a Thursday.